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Please tell me there isn't a picture of this child on a cell wall somewhere.

Your romantic dream has already crossed so many barriers that you are going to have a really rough time here. But never more than a single drink and never less than 2 hours later.

My daughters Father is currently unaware of my personal life and future plans, but I anticipate him exploiting this and trying to use it against me as it pertains to modifying our FJ of Paternity when he finds out.

This is not an accident but (and the courts back me up here) a decision to endanger others. He made the decision to fight rather than run and he made the decision to use the knife handed to him. This, more than anything else, will expose in court the danger your fiancee represents.

Your fiancee stabbed a man to death in a drunken rage. You are willing to overlook a murder because you want this man in your life. Does your husband know now that his 5 year old child is in regular communication with an incarcerated felon?

Is the father of your child aware of her correspondence with a convicted and incarcerated murderer?

Is there a picture of the child in question on a cell wall somewhere? When you make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after you have been drinking, you are making the decision to endanger the lives of you, your passengers and any other strangers you happen upon.

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But it also includes some surprises, like a renewed interest in other tablet and netbook platforms.