Dating cousin jokes

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Dating cousin jokes

Unfortunately, Google has too many top hits that are actually just this same pathetic posed question in different words.I knew I should have just brewed my own coffee this morning..

A: If it where anyone else it woulda been called a teethbrush Q: How many rednecks does it take to eat a possum? A: You let your 12yr old daughter smoke in front of her kids. Q: How did the redneck find the sheep in the tall grass? A: A full set of teeth Q: How does a redneck mother know her daughter is on her period? Q: What do you call it when you die and come back as a redneck?

It is because I have not sought out my ever so hot distant cousins as possible dating material.

I must go now and explore which of my distant cousins are single...burp, excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little. I was doing some research to list some helpful websites on dating one's cousin and the problems associated with it.

MY wife’s so stupid, the other night I found condoms in her purse, and she don’t even have a penis!

” Two rednecks are eating chicken at KFC, when all of a sudden they notice the woman next to them choking on a bone.

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