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Your front-end manager of 21 years whose name currently eludes me (perhaps it’s Rinaldo) and a part-time, elderly associate, Frank, were both of extreme help to me this past Wednesday, 01/03/18.Their assistance was way above their normal call to duty in my estimation.Because each brother had promised the other to provide for his family in event of his death, the heirs of George sued Mike for defrauding them out of their rightful portion of the company by moving assets into shell companies. was fired by the Board of Directors, led by Arthur S., in June 2014, sparking protests from employees and causing disruptions in service. Tagged as: Demoulas Market Basket address, Demoulas Market Basket corporate address, Demoulas Market Basket corporate office headquarters, Demoulas Market Basket headquarters, Demoulas Market Basket home office, Demoulas Market Basket main office, Demoulas Market Basket office address, Demoulas Market Basket office email, Demoulas Market Basket office fax, Demoulas Market Basket office phone, Demoulas Market Basket office phone number Re: Epping, NH store Very disappointed that the fish dept would not cut a piece of fish so I could buy 3/4 lbs instead of 1.35 lbs which was the smallest piece they had. I thought my bank account balance was high enough to pick up groceries.In 1994 a judge ruled that Mike had defrauded the heirs for the sum of 0 million and transferred 51% of De Moulas’ stock to George’s family. Spoke with the asst store manager who also would not help. When checking out I used my debit card and at that point was not accepted because of being over the limit.

Total sale was 117.00 and I only had 73.00 on the card and 20.00 in cash.

Sincerely, Rita Marie Pine Fall River Store Massachusetts On a Saturday afternoon around Reply Attn: CEO: Arthur T.

De Moulas; CFO: Donald Mulligan; COO: Michael King Please note that I want to highly commend two of your employees in what I believe is your Store #68 Brockton, MA.

This is not how management should be & I think he needs some training on how to keep staff happy & still be effective as a manager.

For someone to hate their job is unacceptable, you guys have a reputation of being great to your employees.

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The registers are very close tot he doors and there is NO BARRIER from the cold! Reply I have a friend that works in your South Attleboro MA location, & she/he (I won’t give a name or gender because I don’t want them singled out) is treated very unfairly by management namely Grant.

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