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The State encourages women and girls, by means of its competent structures and on the basis of the promulgated legal framework, to denounce abuse and resort to justice for protection and reparation.

Efforts will also focus on the training of necessary support staff, and the acquisition of the elementary reflexes needed to enable the family, social and professional reintegration of victims in such a way to break the chain of excluded social system.

It was remade in Telugu language as Chinna Kodalu which aired on Zee Telugu.

The series currently airs on Zee Zindagi from 23rd May, 2016 under the title " Vrindawan ki Radhika".

Chotti Bahu is an Indian television soap opera that aired on Zee TV,starring Avinash Sachdev as Dev and Rubina Dilaik as Radhika.

The serial focuses on the love saga of Radhika, a great devotee of the Hindu god Krishna (often referred in the serial as "Kanha") and Dev.

The series became very popular in countries like Mauritius, West Indies, Romania, USA, Trinidad, Malaysia, Thailand, Uganda and South Africa.

Chotti Bahu season rerun was aired in Zee Anmol in India and Zee Lamhe in the UK during 20.

But fate wills otherwise, and he gets married to Vishakha.

The show was also broadcast on MBC Digital 4 in Mauritius.

Dubbed version of the serial was telecasted in Tamil language as Chinna Marumagal in Zee Tamil.

Dev and Radhika meet each other and become good friends.

Radhika and Dev's families tie them in the bond of marriage in their tender age.

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The second season was brought back on public demand with a new plot and same lead actors However, it was not as successful as the first season.

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