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Is invalidating

It is generally characterized by intolerance of the expression of emotional experiences, which often leads to extreme displays of emotion. Linehan, borderline personality disorder clinician and researcher, proposed the idea that the development of BPD happens during the developmental years, where the child receives the message that he or she should learn to cope with emotions internally and without support from his or her parents.

As a result, the child never learns how to regulate or tolerate her own emotions, and fails to learn how to solve the problems that are inciting these emotions.

This means that what one person experiences as an invalidating environment is not necessarily experienced as such by another.

It is possible that individual temperaments affect a person’s general sensitivity to invalidation, but everyone has times when they are more vulnerable or sensitive.

Validation is not the same thing as praise; it is more an acknowledgment of the person, whereas praise is just a compliment.

To validate someone is to acknowledge the feelings involved, regardless of whether you agree with how the other person is feeling or not.

Other adults, instead of recognizing the impact these invalidating comments disguised as praise may have on a child, might dismiss the resultant insecurity or sadness of the child as "over-sensitivity" on the part of the child rather than lack of thoughtfulness on the part of the parent.

A few examples can help explain much better how validation differs from praise and how invalidation can actually be disguised as praise.

It is important to note, however, that invalidation—as it relates to the development of borderline personality disorder—is not a periodic experience, but a pervasive one.

It is not one invalidating experience that leads to BPD but rather a complex an repeated exposure to situations in which feelings and thoughts are simply considered unimportant.

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