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When she was studying at Providence College she participated in the talent show which searched for comedians, there she was acclaimed as “The Funniest Person in Rhode Island”.

The success of David Letterman inspired her not to give up on her career as a stand-up comedian.

So at this point I’m scrambling to think of how I can scheme my way into meeting Janeane. Sometimes I am very pleased with it and sometimes I feel utterly worthless because I have so few interests, actually besides…BYT: Yeah.

I have to say, I didn’t think he ended on the strongest note, but he was working overtime so I guess I can’t be too displeased. As I predicted, the only thing I got in return was a blank stare. I was just utterly oblivious to how difficult it was, and how difficult it was going to be, and then also in the mid-eighties through the mid-nineties there was a boom of sorts. If I had started now, there would be very few places to get better and better. BYT: But you did , that was one of your more recent projects… Well, I didn’t start acting until I was 27, and that was just through Gary Shandling and Ben Stiller who I knew through stand-up. The room had pretty much cleared out by then, and I remembered that Janeane had mentioned that her nephew was in the audience during her routine. I politely decline the food/drink and opt for a cigarette, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything not awkward to do. Now, I’m not promising the interview of the year, here. I also learned that you should not try to be funny when the person you are talking to is definitely funnier than you are. We actually can’t take a lot of time with this because Al wants to go see another comic. Janeane: You know, because my life…that would take a long time. But at the time there was a thriving scene in Houston, Boston, San Francisco, New York…so it was…do you need an ashtray? Janeane: And also like I said I was too ignorant to realize, “Oh, this will be difficult.”BYT: I think that’s kind of amazing, though. And they both in the same year offered me parts on their programs which was unbelievably lucky and fortuitous. I keep pretending that all three are still alive but they’re not. In 1996 she acted in The Truth about Cats & Dogs, this movie a great success, and Janeane was offered to act in such movies as Jerry Maguire and Wes Craven’s Scream and Fight Club but because of different reasons she did not appear in these movies.Nevertheless, she acted in such movies as Mystery Men, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Cable Guy, where she had an opportunity to work with famous actors like Ben Stiller, Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrov, Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick.

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To buy some time I walked up to the security guard on the left side of the stage. But I mean, all of us born after like 1985 are actually robots. I still want to do that for a living, so that would be why I keep doing it. Because things were pretty different when you started, right? I’m a reader, I’m a lover of books, I like to watch movies, but mostly a lot of nothing. What do you think my interesting halftime story should be if I get on the show? I think they should just let people say, “I do not have a noteworthy interesting story at this point in my life.” Or tell an incredibly immoderate story in very poor taste and see what happens. (Laughs)BYT: Yeah, definitely should tell that story.

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