Nikkixox dating

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Nikkixox dating

It was sore and I limped when we walked and even considered just going ahead and keeping with a run, but I wanted to finish with Michelle, not ahead as we had come so far together. The beginning running again after walk breaks took a minute to ease into, but once I was running it felt okay. Otherwise I have tight calves and some blisters that are tender, but no major issues to speak of. We took lots of walk breaks and a few longer rest breaks. I was skeptical of running a 1 mile loop 50 times, but it turned out okay as it was new scenery where I had never run and didn't really get old.

14 hours is a long time to run, but it was also nice not to have a cut off time to worry about.

The path is mostly crushed gravel over packed dirt with a couple of concrete sidewalk sections. IT was a pretty cushy race in terms of the amount of support.

No need to carry a bottle as you went through the aide station every mile. ) And we were passed by just about everyone several times and had lots of fun telling everyone how well they were doing. I had packed a huge bag of clothes to change as often as I needed.

We got our groove back and were ready to get our last 18 miles in.

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At about mile 43 my left upper quad began to feel really tight. There was no fast tightening up like you get with a charlie horse, just the soreness you get after.

I stopped to tape it and get some and was determined to finish those last miles.

I am please with the time and the fact that I actually ran 50 miles.

Some people really don’t understand how shitty it is to have anxiety and not being able to calm yourself down and you literally feel like you’re about to explode and your head is pounding, stomach is twisting, and your body won’t stop shaking.

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