Online dating security id scams elderly

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Online dating security id scams elderly

Conmen are preying on environmentally conscious consumers by claiming they can earn huge returns by investing in a green scheme known as carbon credits. It is a certificate that gives a business permission to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Every year millions of pounds is taken by criminals who manipulate cheques by stealing genuine blank ones and forging your signature, intercepting cheques that have already been made out and altering the amount and the payee’s name, or using the details from genuine cheques to create counterfeit cheques.It may be that there was never any policy and you’ve simply paid for a bit of paper.Or you have been given a genuine policy, but the broker has cancelled it immediately after taking it out and pocketed the refund.Others are less so: one ingenious new trick capitalises on the green trend by asking investors to put their money into something called carbon credits. You get a call from someone posing as your bank or the police.They say you need to replace your debit or credit card because you’ve been targeted by fraudsters.Within minutes hundreds of pounds will be swiped because the fraudsters had looked over your shoulder at the cash machine and watched you input your PIN.

While you’re distracted, your card will be deftly pinched.

Cousins Daljit Kapoor, 41 and Harmit Kapoor, 42, and Davinder Chawla, 43, a member of the same extended family had all previously pleaded guilty to running the scam which charged each family over £,9000.

They provided Sikhs from the war-torn country with stolen passports or those of their own family members who most looked like them, so they could pass themselves off as British citizens.

Such scams include transfers made for fraudulent lottery and prizes, family emergencies, advance-fee loans, and online dating, among others.

Affected consumers can visit to file claims, learn more, or get updates on the claims process, which could take up to a year.

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You’ll usually be caught out by this if you don’t have up-to-date internet security.

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