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"Our show," she says, "is about how that product works. How do you make real people act out the parts and roles you want? "There's something deeply cynical about the whole game. " In the case of Rachel and Quinn, that's not particularly hard to see.They're both very good at their jobs and both extremely screwed up.Whatever has to be done, you’re constantly on the move.In , we see how the producers use psychology and manipulation to get people to break down.Like she’s straight-up lying to her and withholding the information about her father. It was a pretty low move on all of the producers’ behalf to lie to somebody about their father’s death to continue to make a television show.But it was also kind of lame that the ex-boyfriend character called your character out on it.

, Shiri Appleby’s character at once observes and calculates, manipulates and repents.

Why do you think he specifically was calling her out?

Because of the breakdown from last season and knowing her so well — he really knows how bad this world is for Rachel’s psyche.

Quinn, meanwhile, is having a ragged affair with the man who created , Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko).

Chet is self-centered, self-destructive and generally rotten but skilled. One flaw Rachel and Quinn do not have, however, says Noxon, is self-delusion. They're both 'speak your mind, consequences be damned.' They're openly cynical and for people who do that kind of TV, that's funny, too." The other source of humor, naturally, is the contestants. Britt) (above), a pro football player who hopes being on the show will help clean up his tarnished image.

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And now I’ve been doing it for long enough, and I feel like there’s so many roles and there’s enough to go around.

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