Slow dating oxford

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Slow dating oxford

Good news At first glance, this makes for depressing reading.

In addition, your capacity to recover rapidly from prolonged or hard bouts of training will also decline.And that’s because these age-induced declines invariably relate to your ‘maximum exercise capacity’ rather than your current fitness level.So, unless you’re already training at your absolute peak capacity and have already reached your maximum possible fitness level, which is unlikely, the chances are that with the right amount and types of training, you can steadily win back more cycling fitness than time conspires to take away from you.However, new research indicates that older cyclists have even more reason to be cheerful because a very recent Australian study suggests that age-related performance decline may be far less of a problem than we first believed, especially when it comes to aerobic (endurance) performance.A group of 173 highly trained Masters (age 30 ) cyclists were tested for maximal cycling performance to track any age-related changes in performance.

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If you’re an older cyclist seeking to maintain/maximise your performance, here are some practical suggestions: Fatigue and recovery in older cyclists While peak performance does decline somewhat with increasing age, it’s the slower recovery after hard training sessions that many older cyclists seem to notice first and some Australian research seems to provide hard evidence for this phenomenon.