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The word that a PC Wintel-using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-platform programming skills. Example: Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Mac-thing. Completely unbelievable, such as making a tank out of a VW Bug with only a lighter and a Swiss Army knife.originated in Philadelphia PA circa 1985 Example: Sorry, Chris, your story is just another Mac Guyver.

An event you have witnessed that you can never get over.

A person who spends much of their free time at the mall, not necessarily buying anything or working. You can always find him at the mall on Saturdays, even when he's broke.

A worse alternative; another option that is unpreferable.

The stuff inside expensive electric things that you can smell if you accidentally zorch them on adry winter day. Example: It is usually not enough just to be good looking.

Once you let it out, that thing will never work again. In order to successfully attract a mate, one must also make-want.

Example: I touched my Palm Pilot after shuffling across the rug,and I think I let out the magic smoke because now it doesn't work. Used as a question when two people are trying to determine which car to take on a trip. John and Tim walked out to the parking lot to go to lunch. Someone who is receiving something from someone who has made something.

The first or second half of the word can be used as an answer. Example: Why did you give me the dodgy cup when you made my tea and you have the good one? Also, as a noun, one who or that which does bad things or contributes in a bad way. Used more generally, to describe someone who doesn't think for herself. If you are unsure of an answer, you write an incredibly long answer that covers such a wide topic, you are sure to get the question right.

Used by web message board posters who think that Microsoft might be money-driven.

These items are almost always in sizes made not only for men, but larger men.

Said items are imposed upon women who are forced to either a)give the sawg to a man she knows or b) add the tent-sized shirt to an enormous collection of jammies made up entirely of man-swag.

Often plush and unapologetically cushioned to keep men in one spot, complete with all other purchases of the day.

Example: Honey, I'll meet you at the man-chair while you put on that blouse. Corporate branded merchandise usually t-shirts, Golf-shirts or the coveted Fleece-Pullover given away for free at trade shows or to internal employees of large organizations who can still afford this type of marketing tactic.

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The dullard in every work environment, self-proclaimed class joker who, frankly, is anything but a natural in the role. The ideal basketball player: incredible offense, incredible defense, wins championships at all levels (high school, college, Olympics and pros). Example: (Deleted line from Star Wars)Look at the Death Star. adj., massive and thensome, gargantuan, oversized Example: Heather, who had been elected prom queen, developed acute anxiety when, the night before, she discovered a mahusive zit on the tip of her chin.

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